Meet Team Fabulous

It takes a team to make a wedding Fabulous. Take some time to get to know the people behind Fabulous Beginnings.

Meet Delcina

With an extensive background in Corporate Planning, and Event Production, Delcina Hagley is the Co-Owner, Creative Director & Lead Planner of Fabulous Beginnings Wedding and Event Design. Delcina has been coordinating spectacular weddings and social events throughout her hometowns of New York City & Houston for over seven years. Delcina brings a passion for the theatrics, with the professionalism of a Corporate Event Planner, combined with the love of helping people in-love celebrate their fabulous Union. She is as much a master in her creativity as she is in the orchestration of logistics. Her experience with the various intricacies of event planning, as well as her close relationships with many of Houston’s most reputable vendors, ensures that every event is a success.Delcina’s thoughts on her career

"I have the best job in the world! I work in a Fabulous Industry, we attract Fabulous clients, and plan Fabulous weddings that are the talk of the town. I have an amazing support staff that I lovingly refer to as - Team Fabulous. Life is all about what you make of it …Dreams Really Do Come True!”

10 Awesome Facts about Del:

  1. Del is short for Delcina (pronounced Del–See-Nuh)
  2. Del is a native New Yorker, and moved to Houston in 2011. She believes Brooklyn is the only Borough in NYC!
  3. Del is Puerto Rican & her favorite dish is rice & beans - congri, with platanos & pernil! Wepa!
  4. The word “Fabulous” is so engrained in Del’s vocabulary that it is often used to reference a person, place or thing. She’s sorry / not sorry! LOL!
  5. Del’s favorite accessory to any wedding is … Flowers!
  6. When she’s not Planning Fabulous Weddings, Del’s favorite pastimes include: cooking for her family, netflix binging House Of Cards with her Husband, and playing on Pinterest!
  7. Del’s favorite Color is: Pink!
  8. Del is affectionately known in the wedding industry as Mrs. Fabulous! (yes with the exclamation).
  9. Del's Favorite Holiday: New Year's Eve!! This transition offers another fabulous year to be hopeful for, and a time to reflect on what she was most grateful for in the previous year.
  10. Del believes pearls are a girl’s true best friend, and can be found sporting a pair at any given event, wedding or fab gathering.

Meet Jennifer

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Jennifer is the epitome of Southern Charm & Hospitality. From her early debutant days filled with poise & elegance, to winning the popular vote & being appointed President of The PTA, to running an entire Wedding Venue as the Managing Coordinator, to her beloved current title as a Fabulous Wedding Planner, Jennifer is the lady that gives her all in everything that she does. Jennifer has spent the last 10 years perfecting her planning and project management skills, while carefully maintaining her sweet & accommodating demeanor. To know her, is to absolutely love her! When Jennifer isn’t off planning Fabulous local and destination weddings, she can be found at her son Grady’s baseball games, volunteering in her community, or playing ping-pong with her Husband in their beautiful home in Clearlake.