Need A Little Fabulous Help?

Are you looking to get more clients? Well, your Fab Squad to the rescue!!

We are partnering with local, national, and international businesses to find new ways for them to reach potential couples and event clientele. The wedding industry Is an ever changing market, and couples are always looking for better ways to spend their wedding dollars. We help businesses evaluate their current strategy, and create more potent options.

Our team will help you focus on 4 key areas:

  • New Client Acquisition – Utilizing social media marketing, re-branding, and killer content we help you reach more clients who will, not only be interested in your business, but be ready to make a purchase.
  • Client Experience – We will refine and enliven your client experience from initial phone call to event day, with the goal of making the best client experience possible
  • Word of Mouth – We will show you how to turn previous clients into your sales champions
  • Creating Friendors – We will show you how to work with other wedding pros to get where you want to be quicker


Ready to get started?

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